Shingle Technology

The Last Roof You’ll Ever Need

GoNano is the first and only North American company to bring to market a sealant that replaces all sealants. Having said this, the technology behind GoNano spans decades and has gone through critical scientific and peer review. See why nanosilica replaces all other traditional asphalt shingle roofs for its durability and life-cycle cost savings.

GoNano vs Traditional Sealants

GoNano’s asphalt enhancement sealant has been validated by the scientific community.

  • • Acts as an isolated, protective layer
  • • Typical repair on microscale, adds layer of oil
  • • Less durable, flexible and resilient to aging due to environmental conditions
  • • Modifies the mechanical properties of asphalt
  • • Nanoscale (1000X smaller than a micro meter) forms precise shapes into asphalt pores
  • • Bonds to each asphalt shingle, and each shingle to the other

Why Choose GoNano?

About nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the science of engineering and technology at the nanoscale. Ranging from 40 to 60 nanometers in size, the nanoparticles we use are infinitely microscopic. This is what allows them to penetrate materials to protect them from the inside out.

As a reference point, the thickness of a sheet of paper is about 150,000 nanometers.

Unlike coatings, paint or stains which create a protective layer on the surface, our technology modifies the molecular structure of material which in turn strengthens and extends its lifespan.


Rain, or shine. Hailstorms, or heavy winds. Our GoNano roof application has you covered.

When applied to shingled roofs, our GoNano technology is ranked as Class 4 – having the highest impact resistance, low loss in granules and can last for two decades!


In the U.S., shingled roofs last an average of 15 years, but are only insurable for the first 10. Their coverage is intentionally non-prorated. You may be eligible for reimbursement for the cost of labor during this period, but once that period has ended you’re left with only one option: paying the cost of replacement. Under GoNano’s warranty, your roof is protected for a 10 to 15 year period after installation.*
*certain conditions apply

Replacement Costs

In 2022, the average roof replacement cost increased by 50% and was just under $30,000 USD after only 10 years of use. You’re avoiding the headache of a full replacement by visiting us here today as by using GoNano you’ll not only extend the lifespan of your roof, you’ll also save thousands and pay a fraction of the price due to our aggressively low pricing of $1.15-$1.30 per square foot.

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